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Why Every Grower Should be Using Hygrozyme!

It seems that most hydroponic growers are unanimously enthusiastic about the results they are getting from growing indoors with Hygrozyme. However, when asked what this bacteria-free enzyme does for their plants, even the most knowledgeable and experienced growers struggle with a vague explanation of enzymes and what they do for their plants their plant growth media. In the end we get lots of mixed explanations on the benefits of using Hygrozyme.

HygrozymeWhat is Hygrozyme?

To begin, it helps to define exactly what this special enzyme product really is; Hygrozyme is an organic, bacteria-free, chemical-free, medically-approved, enzymatic formula with the proven ability to breakdown and flush out the buildup of dead, pathogen-attracting organic matter within the grow media of your indoor garden. As such it deters the formation of pythium and other root-zone pathogens while guarding the health of your plants roots and making organic and mineral nutrients more readily available for your plants.

Who Makes Hygrozyme?

Manufactured by Sipco Industries in Canada, Hygrozyme is the result of years of research and development in non-toxic and environmentally friendly bio- cleaning solutions for a variety of industries ranging from marine and waste-water treatment to pharmaceutical and medical grade enzyme technology. Quickly after development, this cutting-edge bacteria free enzyme formula became an essential ingredient and integral part of any successful indoor gardening program in North America.

Regarded as “one of the greatest breakthroughs in horticulture in the last decade,” Hygrozyme has the unique ability to breakdown and clear out stagnating organic matter from the plant grow media without the use of foreign bacteria or harsh chemicals. This OMRI certified enzyme formula with an unlimited shelf life ensures a pathogen-free environment for the roots of your plants.

How do you use Hygrozyme?

Hygrozyme is recommended for use in several different ways at different stages in indoor gardening. When preparing seedling trays, hygrozyme should be used at a rate of 6 ml per gallon. This enzyme solution should be used at the same mixing rate when pre-soaking rock wool cubes or other propagation media for your cuttings. Regardless of whether you are growing in coco, soil, rock wool or other substrate, Hygrozyme should be added to the nutrient solution, at a rate of 8 to 10 ml per gallon and never more than 15 ml per gallon. Hygrozyme may also be used as a foliar with RO or distilled water – usually once a week or as recommended by your feed schedule.

For more comprehensive sterilization of media or grow equipment, Hygrozyme is compatible with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). It is suitable for use in all stages of plant growth and is also compatible with all rooting compounds and nutrient programs.

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