AutoPot Smart Pot Systems

Auto Pot Smart Pot : a match made in hydroponics heaven! Maybe the only thing that could make the AutoPot Watering System better is the addition of Smart Pots fabric aeration containers! The best pot to grow roots combined with the best system to grow plants and you are destined for healthy, heavy yields.

AutoPot Multi Pot Systems are the most environmentally friendly irrigation systems that any grower can use. AutoPot Multi Pot Systems require no power, pumps, mains water pressure or timers to operate. All AutoPot Multi Pot Systems operate by simply connecting to a reservoir of any size and only need gravity pressure to function. AutoPot Watering Systems are undoubtedly some of the most water efficient irrigation’s in the hydroponic market. No water is wasted, resulting in huge water and fertilizer savings of up to 50%.

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