Kind LED Grow Lights

Kind LED K5 series XL1000’s are the Best LED Grow Light Fixtures for these reasons…

  1. Kind LED lights have an extra large footprint which solves one of the main problems that LED lights have faced in the past.
  2. Fully customizable spectrum which allows the user to not only adjust the spectrum to match vegetative and flowering stages of their plants, but also allows for specific spectrum control for nearly any type of plant genus in applications such as greenhouse growing and in agriculture operations where crop rotation, or crop zoning, is common.
  3. Internal timing function of the K5 series lights allows for more streamline setups where the user can do away with separate analog or digital timers that can be bulky and extremely unreliable. Now, all light cycles are programmed and changed from a convenient remote.
  4. 8 stage ‘mother earth’ timing function allows user to mimic the great outdoors like never before seen in indoor growing, slowly waking your plants up in the morning and seeing them to bed every night.
  5. Perfect mix of 3 watt and 5 watt diodes create the ideal amount of usable light for lush, healthy, huge plants. 5 watt LED diodes are awesome.
  6. True to spec harvest expectations. When we say our XL1000 replaces a 1000 HPS, we mean it.
  7. All functions of the K5 series are run from a convenient remote.
  8. Our lights use PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) dimming. PWM dimming allows the light to only consume as much power as it needs to drive the diodes at their set level of brightness.
  9. Sexy, sleek design. Man, there are some ugly LED lights out there. Function over fashion is a must in lighting, but Kind LED lights have both.

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