Zip Zag Smell Proof Bags

Zip Zag bags leak-proof resealable bags are 100% manufactured, owned and distributed in North America and are made of high quality North American food grade plastics.

Zip Zag bags have taken the term “resealable” to a whole new level. The patented dual lock zipper seal and quality manufacturing process ensures that all bags are 100% odor free with an oxygen transfer rate comparable to heat sealed bags. Zip Zag bags unique zipper seal can withstand over 200lbs of pressure with no leaks! Zip Zag brand bags are reusable and highly resistant to punctures or tears.


  • Large 27.3cm x 28cm bags (10.75″ x 11″) fits ½ pound of dried spices
  • Proprietary Leak-proof.
  • Withstands over 200lbs of pressure and but still opens easy.
  • Resealable and re-useable.
  • Oxygen transfer rate comparable with heat sealed bags (up to 450 times better then competitor).
  • Preserves flavors and aromas.
  • Prevents the oxidation of precious essential oils.
  • Heat sealable flange allows heat seals to for added security.
  • Food Safe.
  • 100% Manufactured in North America.

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