AutoPot Smart Pot 5 Gallon


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AutoPot Smart Pot 5 Gallon

The AutoPot Smart Pot is the custom designed Smart Pot (10″ diameter x 14″ tall) that fits the 1 Pot XL tray. The best system with the best fabric pot join forces to increase yields all over America.

AutoPot XL SmartPot Systems take the immense capacity and versatility of the XL System and incorporate the original, market-leading SmartPot. All our XL Systems are now available with 5 gallon fabric SmartPots at no extra cost. Amongst the range of fabric pots on the market SmartPots are exceptional for their use of BPA-free, lead-free material with no off-gassing or leaching guaranteed. The construction of SmartPots is such that they provide a uniquely rigid base for a fabric pot which keeps your plants upright. For retailers and customers alike SmartPot Systems also offer huge savings in shipping, stocking and storage space.

The benefits of growing in SmartPots are, put simply: Bigger, Faster, Smarter plants.

Bigger – SmartPot’s porous fabric sides allow for air pruning which effectively eliminates root circling – giving you bigger plants from smaller pots.

Faster – Increased oxygen exchange in the substrate via the porous fabric walls supercharges growth.

Smarter – Air pruning cultivates a vastly increased number of secondary feeder roots which in turn increase nutrient and water uptake.

The porous BPA-free, lead-free SmartPot material allows improved gas exchange in the substrate. Free to breathe the root zone can see dramatically enhanced oxygen levels – supercharging growth.

When root tips reach the porous side of a SmartPot they are ‘air-pruned’ – detered from extending any further by the air outside. Secondary roots then develop, creating a fibrous root structure with vastly improved moisture and nutrient uptake. Root circling is also thus eliminated making it possible to produce bigger plants from smaller pots.

Extremely durable and reusable the SmartPots are easily cleaned betwen uses if desired. Once emptied the SmartPots are best left to dry. After a few days any dust and small roots are easily brushed off. Whilst this level of cleaning is completely sufficient the SmartPot may be machine or tub washed in peroxide in order to sterilize. Do not put SmartPots in a tumble dryer.

When growing in AutoPot Watering Systems it is essential that a PotSock Round (PotSock not included) be fitted to the base of each SmartPot to provide root control.

Room humidity may be increased when growing with multiple SmartPots indoors due to the exposed surface of the fabric pots.

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