BioWave Mini Growth Booster

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BioWave Mini Growth Booster

BioWave Mini Growth Booster is an innovative plant growth product from BioWave industries inc. The core technology of BioWave mini is two stainless steel cages that counter rotate creating subsonic harmonic waves that resonate with the plants and cause them to breathe better. Increased respiration/transpiration is shown to create greater yields and more plant vigor in vegetables and fruits.

The subsonic harmonic waves recreate a plants’ feeling of being in a natural environment – a beautiful day with wind blowing, sun shinning, bugs flying around, and everything else that occurs on a typical day in nature. This causes the plants stomata to open up which increases plant respiration and transpiration. The BioWave Mini creates a condition where the plants ‘think’ they are in paradise, increasing their desire to grow and produce.

BioWave Mini’s subsonic waves increase plant yields by an average of 20%, with the lowest results coming in around 12%. Don’t believe it? Read the study at the end of this paragraph. The BioWave Mini operates by creating a subsonic harmonic wave that radiates out from the machine and makes plants breathe better. BioWave has been tested on the farm, in greenhouses, and in hydroponic growing facilities, and all tests confirm a gain in yield as well as a 55% gain in total dissolved solids. Many growers also have reported a huge reduction in insect loads. Current tests by Dr. Lynette Morgan have further confirmed the above results in greenhouse tomatoes.

Dr. Lynette Morgan Biowave Performance Study

Benefits of BioWave Mini Growth Booster…

  • Helps plants breathe better by stimulating the opening of stomata
  • Increased brix level and crop quality factors
  • Helps repel and prevent insect attacks and infestations
  • Effective for a 500 square foot garden space
  • Plug and Play – plug into any wall socket
  • Effectively covers 500 sq ft growing space
  • Works with either 110v or 240v
  • Draws only 30 watts when running
  • Won’t hurt humans, BioWave Mini only affects plants
  • Sturdy, stainless steel frame
  • In 3 years of testing, lowest results was 12% yield increase
  • Will not affect lights or any other electrical equipment
  • All BioWave Mini machines are designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA
  • 23” inches tall by 11” inches Wide

BioWave products have been proven in three years of lab and commercial field tests. BioWave Mini brings the power of subharmonic frequencies to the small scale indoor gardener.

The BioWave Mini has a one year manufacturers warranty.


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