Centurion Pro Foldable Hopper


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Centurion Pro Foldable Hopper

The CenturionPro Foldable Hopper makes work easier. Complete with 4 durable wheels, this dependable product makes transportation simplistic and user-friendly. Whether you’re an industry veteran or learning the trade, you’ll love how the Foldable Hopper helps you accomplish tasks and increase productivity levels.

The Foldable Hopper makes managing your marijuana trimming technology incredibly simple, aided by its extendable handle. This hopper is strategically sized to accommodate the CenturionPro Mini, Centurion Pro Silencer, Centurion Pro Original and CenturionPro Gladiator. If you’ve invested in our high-tech cannabis trimming machines line, then this excellent accessory is a must.

CenturionPro believes that when you own the best bud trimmer, you need tools that pair well. The Foldable Hopper is incredibly versatile in its ability to work with any trimmer. It requires minimal cleanup time thanks to its non-stick coated lining that you can pressure wash to clean.

Work should be fun. Let the Foldable Hopper take you there.


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