Centurion Pro Gladiator Plastic Cover


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Centurion Pro Gladiator Plastic Cover

This cover is specially designed for the CenturionPro Gladiator. It provides a slick and high-end finished look, catering to its contemporary, top-notch design.

Made of a hard plastic material that’s easy to clean, this user-friendly product comes with four cup holders that are built into the lid, making it a leader in the marijuana trimmer market. The lid itself creates a convenient vacuum for the Bud trimmer by sealing the top of the machine. Please note that it’s not compatible with other CenturionPro trimmers as it’s uniquely tailored to our one-of-a-kind Gladiator trimmer.

The Gladiator Plastic Cover is incredibly durable and lightweight. It’s the perfect finishing feature for the most industrial and best bud trimmer on the market. It consistently protects your top-notch product from outside liquids, scissors and debris all while the trimming machine is in operation.

Users are reminded to keep the lid on while operating the bud trimmers as an added safety precaution. This also prevents any accidents, as the tumbler spins at a high rate of speed while always providing optimal results. The Gladiator Plastic Cover completes our top product, sitting at the top of the list for leading cannabis trimming machines on the market today.


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