Centurion Pro Mini Motor


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Centurion Pro Mini Motor

The CenturionPro Mini Motor uses its high performance technology to maximize your productivity. With 1/4 horse power and 1725 rpm at 110volts, this product packs an immense amount of power despite its smaller size. The Mini Motor is compact and durable, consistently providing maximum torque to rotate your tumbler and cutting reel blades at just the precise speed.

You’ll love how this motor ensures ultimate results not only by getting the job done quickly, but by providing perfectly trimmed marijuana buds every time. As a company that manufactures only the best bud trimmers in the world, CenturionPro’s standards are set just as high for the Mini Motor. This unit’s power box is mounted on the side and was custom designed by Leeson to provide maximum performance, aligning with our vision of high quality products.

This product requires minimal cleaning and maintenance so you can focus on what matters. When pressure washing, simply avoid the back of the motor as well as the switch box. The CenturionPro Mini Motor is the first of its kind in the commercial bud trimmers market, conveniently accommodating either wet or dry trimmer machines.


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