Enhanced Substrate Conditioner – 8 oz

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Enhanced Substrate Conditioner – 8 oz

ESC Treatment is not a nutrient but a highly concentrated Anionic Linear Polyacrylamide liquid solution that contains a wetting agent for faster water penetration and vitamin fortification to reduce shock and balance soil conditions after initial use. A single application at germination, or in early plant development, creates a breathable membrane that will envelope the roots to maintain nutrient levels, reduce watering, repel salt and prevent nutrients from leaching away from the root zone during successive feedings. With increased photosynthetic activity comes an increase in Daily Water Use (DWU) and nutrients. In the interest of bringing both energy and water savings together we offer ESC Treatment as an Enhanced Substrate Conditioner which promotes robust root development in both soil and soil-less mediums. When using ESC Treatment you’ll optimize photosynthesis by improving nutrient uptake and reducing your watering schedule.

Benefits Include:

• Non-Toxic – Food Grade – 100% Biodegradable
• Dramatically reduces transplant shock
• Will not leave any residue in soils or mediums
• Reduces DWU by a minimum of 25%
• Reduces fertilization by a minimum of 35%
• Decreases times to harvest
• Won’t absorb salt – Reduces build ups
• Silica stays on the root longer and won’t breakdown as rapidly
• A single ESC application will treat flowering plants that finish in less than 9 weeks

Enhanced Substrate Conditioner Use and Details

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