Inda-Gro ADR Controller

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Product Description

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Inda-Gro ADR Controller

The Indo-Gro ADR Controller is a microprocessor that allows the greenhouse crop production manager to repeatedly meet their crops ideal Daily Light Integrals (DLI) by recognizing ambient sunlight levels and instantly turning your Inda-Gro lights on or off based on those conditions.

By adding the ADR Controller to our Main Sensor and Panel Controller you increase your digital control options for greenhouse supplemental lighting systems with these features:

  • Easy to setup and requires no special training.
  • Graphical User Interface Display allows simple setup and navigation
  • Use standalone touchscreen or connects over Ethernet or WiFi with any browser
  • Manual or automatic control of all greenhouse lights.
  • Set user defined photoperiod.
  • Set user defined Moles/Day values that once met, will not allow supplemental greenhouse lights to come on for the rest of that photoperiod.
  • Historical Data Log tracks daily, weekly, monthly totals.
  • Displays real time accumulated Moles/Day values.
  • Displays real time sunlight intensity in µMoles
  • Allow 7-10 days to ship.

Product Features

  • For greenhouse lighting applications our Main Sensor-Controller is capable of turning on and off all of the lights within the greenhouse. This low voltage sensor may be used as the main sensor with our standard Pro-420-PAR lights and/or
  • Pro-420-PAR-DH lights that come equipped with a local area sensor. Other features include:
  • High-Low switch that corresponds to the Local Area Sensor switch
  • The High setting initiates turn on sequence @ 560 µMole/M²/sec or below and turn off sequence @ 650 µMole/M²/sec or above
  • The Low setting initiates turn on sequence @ 370 µMole/M²/sec or below and turn off sequence @ 430 µMole/M²/sec or above
  • A fuzzy logic algorithm is used to initiate On/Off actions when conditions have been identified as sustained for 5 minutes. This prevents cycling.
  • Test/Run switch that allows the normal 5 minute sustained program to be bypassed (10 sec) for sensor testing
  • For Off Grid Greenhouses may be used as the controller to turn on/off generators to run lighting loads when natural sunlight is unavailable
  • Custom lighting layouts based on crops, region and time of year
  • Sample Layout 1 | Sample Layout 2 | Sample Layout 3
  • Simple low voltage CAT 6 connection to interface customers lighting contactors and timers
  • LED lights indicate On/Off status of the controller
  • Includes one 12v DC control relay and a universal voltage (100-240v AC) power supply
  • (H) 61mm – 2.4” (L/W) 80mm – 3.15”
  • Allow 7-10 days for these to ship

ADR Dimensions: 6″ x 6″ x 4″ |  5 lbs
Sensor Dimensions: 3″ x 3″ x 3″ | 2.5 lbs


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