Inda-Gro Aquaponic Elements – 10 pack

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Inda-Gro Aquaponic Elements – 10 pack

Aquaponic Elements is a pristine mined mineral rock dust that is 100% natural and used by Certified Organic Growers. When properly applied, at recommended rates of use, it will not harm your fish. In fact your fish will thrive and the application will increase the levels of trace elements that fruiting and flowering plants must have for robust growth and optimum crop production.

Aquaponic Elements is mined in Europe and is ground to very light and fine powder where the particles are passed through a super fine 2500-mesh screen. Aquaponic Elements may also be safely used in hydroponic systems at the rate of no more than one pound per 400 gallons of water which is to be added to the nutrient solution in an aerated tank. If used properly Aquaponic Elements will not harm pumps and pump operations are not negatively affected.

Aquaponic Elements does NOT contain nitrogen which is already being generously supplied by the fish waste. The many micro and macro mineral elements that are found in Aquaponic Elements provide the perfect combination for growing flowering and fruiting plants in your aquaponic systemAquaponic gardening is simply a great way to garden!

The ability to raise healthy fish which in turn utilizes their waste to grow delicious green plants is an excellent way to feed you and your family with the healthy organic diet that is becoming increasingly difficult to find. As many aquaponic gardeners already know, one of the limitations that prevent them from successfully growing flowering and fruiting plants with straight fish waste is that it lacks sufficient amounts of calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium.

Any nutrients which we would add to increase these trace elements must be ‘Fish Friendly’ or the fish will suffer or die. Aquaponic Elements is an economical water soluble solution that is Fish Friendly and will meet your plants total mineralization requirements.

Not all mineral rock dust amendments are created equal and of those we had never found one that had the proper levels of trace nutrients that were necessary for flowering/fruiting plants but that was equally suited for aquaponic systems.

Application Instructions: Each bag (112 grams or 1/4 lb) will treat 100 gallons of water for between 40-60 days. Flowering and fruiting plants which have longer growth cycles should be retreated every 60 days.

Inda-Gro Aquaponic Elements Application Instructions

Inda-Gro Aquaponic Elements Chemical Analysis

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