Inda-Gro Pfr Pontoon

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Inda-Gro Pfr Pontoon

The Inda-Gro Pfr Pontoon is a new idea in grow room lighting. Try as we might, humans have just not found a way to economically recreate the wide spectrums or intensities of sunlight. However when we must grow indoors there are ways we can adjust our indoor growing environments to mimic those optimum conditions found in nature which can lead us to high quality, high yield, repeatable crop production for our indoor gardens.

By combining the energy efficiencies, low heat and long life benefits of both Induction and LED technologies, we are able to provide the indoor gardener with ideal spectrums and controls that one would only had expected to be found in ideal outdoor conditions.

The Inda-Gro Pfr Pontoon is designed to work as an enhancement accessory to our induction lamps’ broad spectrum phosphor blend. They are a low wattage addition to our induction lamps’ spectrums and should be considered when the gardener is seeking optimized quality, yield and reduced time to harvest.

  • Flowering Enhancement Accessory
  • Universal Power Supply 120-277v – 50/60Hz – 40 watts
  • Comes Fully Assembled – No Tools Required for Easy Installation
  • 5 Year Warranty

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