Nutri Plus Beast 5 L Bloom Treatment



The Beast 5 L Bloom Treatment

NEW AND IMPROVED FORMULA! Stop vertical growth and harden flowers! Free Beast Lighter with each purchase!

The Beast 5 L stimulates a plant hormonal response that increases flowering sites, density and overall harvest weight. The Beast 5 L helps you increase yield without increasing light or plant sites. Developed from the latest research in
plant hormone technology, we employ the use of phytochemical triggers bonded with a carrier. These new carriers allow us to accurately regulate hormonal responses within the plant. As a result, The Beast causes extreme weight gain without damaging quality.

The Beast está diseñado para quienes quieren incrementar los rendimientos y endurecer los brotes sin comprometer calidad. Utilice “The Beast” para incrementar sus rendimientos sin incrementar luz o sembradíos.

  • Ideal for vertical gardens
  • Dominate vertical growth and halt stretching
  • Flowering treatment for regulating vertical plant growth
  • Creates larger flowers and increases yield
  • Dramatically reduces stretching
  • Contains all the elements necessary to effectively support the development of flowers and fruits and ensure the efficiency of active ingredients
  • Uses cutting-edge nutrient translocation technology for enhanced absorption and efficiency
  • Highly concentrated and easier to use than comparable products on the market
  • For use at the end of flowering or to modulate stretching at the beginning of flowering

CoCo/Soil/Potting Mix:
When plants reach desired height add at 1-2ml/L with every feed for 7 days. For a hardening effect add at 1-2ml/L for the last 7 days before flushing.

When plants reach the required height add at 1-2ml/L for 7 days. To induce a hardening effect, dose again for week 6-7.

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