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Nutri Plus Root Plus 2 oz Rooting Gel

Nutri Plus Root Plus 2 oz is an essential formula rooting gel specially created for propagation of cuttings. A fine balance of growth hormones (IBA), amino acids, B1 vitamins and an organic antiseptic.

These guarantee effective sealing and healing of the stem and supply all the essentials for accelerated root cell development.

Gel for cuttings specially conceived for softwood plants. Contains an organic antiseptic that allows the maintenance of the gel free of any contamination.

  • Specially created for propagation of cuttings
  • Supplies all the essential nutrients for accelerated root cell development
  • Protects the stem
  • Guarantees effective sealing and healing of the stem
  • Liquid enough for a uniform dosage without excess
  • Contains IBA (Indole butyric acid), a growth hormone
  • Helps the stem to heal the cutting and activates the rooting process
  • Only cloning gel with added antiseptic. Reduce mildew (dampening off)
  • For better results, use together with nutri+ START

Nutri Plus Root Plus 2 oz Application Rate
Select cuttings from healthy plants and trim cutting (2-8 in) with a diagonal cut. Completely coat the cut portion in ROOT plus rooting gel, then place immediately into grow medium. Rooting time may vary depending on the type of plant.

Available sizes: 2 oz, 4 oz and 8 oz.

Nutri-Plus Pro Feed Chart

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