Plant Success Mike O Rizey 32 oz


plant success


Plant Success Mike O Rizey 32 oz

Now CDFA and OMRI approved for organic use!

Plant Success Mike O Rizey 32 oz is an organic mycorrhizal inoculant. It contains a diverse blend of mycorrhizal fungi that once established increase the surface area of your root system 100 – 1,000 times. This greatly increases the nutrients and water available to your plant. What results is a larger more robust plant. Partner this up with a diverse blend of beneficial soil bacteria that help cycle nutrients to your plant and you have one seriously alive and dynamic soil. Use at planting time, when transplanting or add to existing plants. Don’t plant without it!


Drought stress
Water and fertilizer needs

Flowering and fruiting
Water and nutrient storage and uptake
Root growth

Extensive root system
Soil structure
Plant establishment


Spread the granular at the bottom of the planting hole. While filling the planting hole, it is good to spread some around the roots.

Pot Size

4″ : 1 tsp
1 gallon : 1-2 tbsp
2 gallon : 2-4 tbsp
5 gallon : 5-10 tbsp

Mixing with Potting Soil

Mix 4-8 oz. with 2.5 cubic feet of soil.

Existing Plants
Make holes 2-3 in. deep and 6 in. apart around the canopy of the plant. Use 1 tsp. per hole for optimal performance.


Apply during installation or aerification of turf. During installation or aerification use .25 to .5 pound per 1000 sq. ft.


Inoculum can be mixed in planting soil before/during filling cavities, pots, and trays. May be mixed with mechanical equipment that allows passage of a #8 screeen (2.5mm) or larger particles. For propagation: Use 2-6 pounds per cubic yard, depending on cavity size (higher rates for smaller cavities).

Apply in furrow 1 teaspoon per row foot; Cuttings- 1/2 teaspoon under each cutting; Potted Transplants- Use 1-2 tablespoons per gallon planting size; Ball and Burlap plantings- Use 0.5 to 1.5 ounces per inch of stem caliper.

Band or mix with seed at 2lbs/acre.

Inoculum can be hydromulched or banded in rows with seed during planting at 20 lbs. per acre. Use 40 to 60lbs. per acre to broadcast or rototill before planting.

Endomycorrhizae – 132 organisms per gram
Glomus intraradices – 33 spores per gram
Glomus mosseae – 33 spores per gram
Glomus aggregatum – 33 spores per gram
Glomus etunicatum – 33 spores per gram


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