Vortex Pro-lite Filter 6″ x 16″ 400 CFM


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Vortex Pro-Lite™ is Atmosphere’s latest filter line designed optimal air-filtration in lightweight Carbon filters. Vortex Pro-Lite was built for convenience and long life with 100% Australian granulated carbon, aluminum top and bottom, and integrated flange, this lightweight filter has been developed with ease of installation, durability, and effectiveness in mind.  The difference is in the carbon; special low-density granulated carbon is used in the Vortex Pro-Lite™ as well as incorporating a built-in flange. Vortex Pro-Lite™. is available in nine sizes from 4″ – 14″ XL sizes and ranging in airflow from 200- 3500 CFM.

Manufactured with only the finest virgin RC-48 Australian activated carbon, the Pro-Lite filters effectively remove 99.5% of volatile organic compounds. The PreFilter eliminates bigger particles such as dust to prevent premature usage of the carbon. Rated for continuous worry-free operation, lightweight and its compact dimensions, make the Pro-Lite filters ideal for your air filtration needs.


  • Integrated flange
  • Aluminum top and bottom
  • Lightweight
  • All Vortex PRO-Lite products come with a PREfilter included and have a Max Operating Temperature of 175°F
  • High dust-holding capacity
  • Low air resistance
  • Fire retardant
  • Antibacterial
  • Washable