Zelion PAR 38 17 Watt LED Grow Light with Full Spectrum

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Zelion PAR 38 17 Watt LED Grow Light with Full Spectrum

The Zelion PAR 38 17 watt LED horticulture light is made for serious growers by a professional lighting manufacturer.

This grow light bulb has a complete spectrum tuned for plant growth. Red and blue LEDs target chlorophyll absorption. Far red LEDs specifically target photoreceptors called phytochromes in flowering plants to accelerate flowering, like sunlight. White LEDs balance the light to the human eye for inspection and harvesting in addition to activating carotenoids.

This LED light bulb uses 80 percent less energy and emits less heat when compared with a 90W halogen reflector light. Also, this product is covered by OSRAM SYLVANIA’s limited two year warranty.

  • Powerful 17 Watt PAR 38 grow light with enhanced spectra for flowering plants: white, blue, red and far red
  • OSRAM OSLON horticultural LEDs with L70 lifetime of 100,000 hours, and rated lamp life of 25,000 hours
  • Targets chlorophyll a & b absorption peaks with optics to deliver all energy to the plant canopy
  • Use as the primary light source or supplement natural and/or artificial light
  • Stays cool with lightweight, vented aluminum body which fits most household sockets (E26 screw-base)

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