Minder Cloud Based Controller

P and L Grow Systems provide remote, affordable, environment monitoring that helps you understand your environment: Temperature, Humidity and VPD. No more guess work, maximise your growing potential without breaking the bank today with the Minder Cloud Based Controller from P and L Grow Systems!

The Minder Cloud Based Controller is a small device designed to help you track and manage your environment remotely from anywhere in the world. The Minder connects to the cloud based user interface to monitor and log environmental data and can be set up to alert you if parameters are exceeded. The standard The Minder unit will monitor ambient air temperature and relative humidity as well as calculating VPD values. Also included is a second waterproof temperature probe that can be used in growing media to monitor root zone temperature, placed in feeding solution tanks to monitor solution temperature, or used to monitor air temperature in another part of the growing environment. Other versions of The Minder will be available shortly enabling the user to monitor other environmental parameters such as carbon dioxide levels, moisture sensors and many more. All existing and future versions can be added to your user account as the need arises and will be compatible with the Controller upon its official release.

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