Zip Zag Bags

zip zag bags

Zip Zag bags hold patents and proprietary technology enabling them to manufacture the world’s only truly smell-proof and resealable bag with an oxygen transfer rate comparable with heat sealing.
That means that almost NOTHING goes out or comes into their bags! No smells, no air, no liquids. Everything stays safely sealed inside: these bags are really airtight and waterproof.

Do you need to store spices and herbs? Do you need to marinate your chicken? Our bags are the best out there for any purpose you need. That’s why our resealable, smell-proof bags are guaranteed vapor control: they seal in ALL the flavours and ALL the aromas. They are heat resistant and also 100% safe and food grade material. For real Peace of Mind. You can wash and reuse them, without losing any of the great benefits these bags offer.

Zip Zag bags are exclusively made in house allowing for an unparalleled quality control system. 1 of every 3 cases are hand tested for leaks and defects. That’s how they can guarantee the quality of each of their bags.

  1. Zip Zag bags have high-tech vapour control. Seal in flavours and ALL the aromas! Their bags are designed to safely keep everything inside the bag: where it belongs!
  2. Their special material is 100% food grade safe and super tough. You can use, reuse, wash and keep their bags for a long time because they will never tear. That’s because Zip Zag bags are puncture resistant and really tough!
  3. Zip Zag bags have an INTERNAL LOCK SYSTEM, a proprietary technology that guarantees their bags are airtight, and extra strong. They have a silky smooth zipper that opens and closes effortlessly.
  4. Their bags are super tough: and they mean it. Zip Zag bags can withstand 150 lb of pressure without the need of heat sealing
  5. 100% Made in Canada. They source everything in USA and Canada and proudly manufacture in Canada. Zip Zag bags proudly support and are supported by local businesses and can guarantee the highest quality in everything they do.

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