AutoPot easy2propagate Kit

AutoPot easy2Propagate is the largest, most adjustable single piece propagation lid on the market. It’s size and ventilation capacity make controlling your growing conditions simple and mean a vast range of climatic options are achievable. Four large, fully adjustable vents allow growers unparalleled scope to fine-tune an environment in which young plants can thrive. A cavernous 8-inch lid height offers your plants more headroom than any other single piece propagator lid available giving you greater choice as to when you transplant. The AutoPot easy2Propagate ties together the proven growing technology of the AutoPot range. Fitted with four 1/4-inch piping ports, it is designed to accommodate an AQUAvalve for easy integration with low maintenance AutoPot Watering Systems. The lid and kit contents slot together in minutes to create a stunningly effective propagator.

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