Trifecta Crop Control

Trifecta Crop Control is the all natural way to cure and prevent mites, mold, pests and powdery mildew! It is designed for the cannabis grower and made with a unique soap and nano-sized essential oils.

  • Save Time: One Multi-Purpose 3 in 1 solution for mildew, mold, mites
  • Peace of Mind: Proven Effective Across All Stages of the grow cycle
  • Save Money: Super Concentrated formula provides maximum value
  • Easy To Use: Simply mix with water and spray on plants
  • Test Clean: State approved for use in CA, OR, MI, WA, ME, CO
  • Support USA: Proudly made in USA and Supports American workers

The essential oils used to manufacture Trifecta Crop Control were also chosen for their ability to mitigate and repel pest insects. Trifecta users have reported great results against aphids, gnats and white flies as well.

Get valuable peace of mind that you will be safe from losing a valuable crop to mildew, mites, pests or mold.

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