Cuve UV

Cure UV offers chemical free ultraviolet disinfection that is an easy and efficient way to clean your grow room. With UV technology, you can easily disinfect and sterilize any situation.  CUREUV and GERMAWAYUV offer cutting-edge chemical free ultraviolet disinfection systems. They include mountable, handheld and tabletop UV sterilizer models that kill germs on virtually every surface including air and water. They effectively wipe-out 99.9% of surface bacteria and viruses within 10 seconds of exposure. This technology is safe and has been approved for use on everything from cellphones to toothbrushes to public restrooms. Ultraviolet sterilization has proven itself as an alternative to harsh chemical treatments to control bacteria, mold, mildew and pests. UV lights destroy disease-causing pathogens throughout a grow room or grow tent. UV-C Light sanitizes micro-organisms and biological pollutants, including viruses, bacteria, germs, mold, dust mite and flea eggs by penetrating their cell membranes and attacking and deactivating their cellular DNA, stopping their reproductive capabilities and killing them. A properly installed and well-designed UV sterilizer will lower the incidence of disease and increase longevity and overall health of your garden.


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