Futur Vert Lighting

Designed for a controlled environment requiring a uniform and highly efficient photosynthetic flux density level, Futur Vert creates superior green lighting solutions that optimize the growth rate of your plants for the best performance in the industry.

  • Minimalist design for quick and easy installation
  • Ideal for all stages of growth
  • Cover more square feet than any other LED light in the industry
  • Proven results and IP65 certified security
  • 5 years warranty
  • Customizable spectrum, duration and intensity
  • Efficiency greater than 2.3umol / J.
  • Water resistant and perfect for wet location
  • ETL, LM-79, CE and OSRAM LEDS, LM-80 certifications

The FloraMax series of LED lights are perfect for genetics, multiplication, vegetation and flowering. The FloraMax series are fanles with a slim design, compact and foldable 180 degrees, easy to install and connect in series.

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