Vegamatrix nutrients are 100% veganic and produced by master cultivator Kyle Kushman. These veganic nutrients contain 100% non gmo plant based ingredients and have virtually no heavy metals. It is engineered for explosive growth and has been used to grow 13 cannabis cup award winning strains. Vegamatrix was created by Kyle Kushman, past Cultivation Editor for High Times Magazine, Professor Emeritus at Oaksterdam University and 13 time Cannabis Cup Award Winner, so that he could provide the cleanest healthiest product to his patients and to every level of grower.  The full nutrient line is composed of only six products, far less than other organic and veganic nutrient lines. Because of this, growers have found Vegamatrix’s feed schedule easy to follow and quick to learn. If you want to grow cannabis cup quality flowers just like Kyle Kushman, then this nutrient line is the answer for you! As always, every order over $100.00 includes free same day shipping. Expedited shipping options are available!

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