TNB Naturals

TNB Naturals makes unique CO2 products for indoor gardeners. Say goodbye to the days of CO2 tanks and get some TNB in your life! Their line of CO2 producing products are unrivaled by any other company on the market. TNB Naturals CO2 Dispersal Canister is the best and most efficient way to get the proper amounts of CO2 to your green house, tent or indoor garden. This product will eliminate the need of dangerous propane burners and regulating equipment. This brilliant way of delivering CO2 into the atmosphere is all natural and just takes 1 liter of luke warm water to activate. Each canister lasts more than 2 weeks and has the potential to double production on all plants. Shake daily for optimal use. TNB Naturals Enhancer has outperformed the competition in all tests and studies. The CO2 Enhancer Bottle is the #1 CO2 canister in the world and is used and loved by growers everywhere.

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