Adjustawings Lights

Adjustawings Lights double-parabolic reflector was invented by lighting specialist and plant guru, Mr. Paul Cronk BSc, in Australia in 1995. Back then, indoor gardening was still in its infancy and the reflectors available at the time were inefficient, angular and crude. Paul’s major brainwave was the ‘double-parabolic’ shape which both dissipates heat from the lamp and produces a beautiful, mathematically uniform light distribution over the plant canopy.

Built for the Job

Right from their inception, Adjustawings Lights were designed and built with one task in mind: to provide the best quality, most uniform, canopy-penetrating and plant-friendly light for grow rooms and climate rooms. Unlike some ‘deep-dish’ lighting fixtures which were born in the greenhouse world to supplement sunlight during winter, Adjust-a-Wings are specialty horticultural lighting solutions where they are the sole light source.

Ideal for Heat Sensitive Plants

Generating large amounts of plant-usable photons doesn’t come without significant amounts of associated heat. It doesn’t really matter what style of lighting technology you choose, (DE-HPS, HPS, DE-MH, MH, DE-CMH, LED, LEC, LEP, T5 etc) indoor growers ‘ especially those growing heat-sensitive species” ’need to understand how to mitigate the negative effects of excess heat.

The unique, patented design of Adjustawings reflectors, along with the ingenious Super-Spreader heat deflectors mean that growers can safely bring their grow lights much closer to the plant canopy (45 cm for 750W DE-HPS) for deeper penetration into second and third tier flowering sites and a more uniform intense footprint of light’all without the hot spots commonly associated with closer placement. This means more usable light on your plants and much less light loss to walls and floors. This all adds up to significant yield increases compared with less efficient plant lighting systems.

Our Philosophy is markedly different from lighting manufacturers who come from the greenhouse world, where fixtures are small (so as to not block out sunlight) and positioned high above the canopy’often five or six feet or more.

Adjustawings Lights are designed for growing applications where they are the sole source of light for plants. As such, it’s imperative that this light is engineered so that it can safely be delivered from close proximity for deep penetration into the canopy.

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