Adjustawings Lights

Adjustawings HELLION Close Proximity DE and CMH Illumination Kits

Adjustawings are world-famous for their iconic double-parabolic reflectors. But now they’re creating a whole new revolution among hobby, craft and commercial growers alike with their HELLION Close Proximity DE and New Generation CMH illumination kits!

Four Incredible HELLION Close Proximity Illumination Kits


Ideal for growers working with limited ceiling height, or multi-tier grows (Yes! Multitier with this DE-HPS is possible!) this truly is DE technology perfected and made accessible to all types of indoor grower.


Our flowering powerhouse—nothing penetrates and covers more. The trusted solution for craft and commercial growers alike with enhanced spectrum capable of delivering incredible production throughout the plant and homogenously high quality yields.

HELLION 315W New Generation CMH
Optimized for specialist horticultural applications. 7.5% more deep red than Philips CDM / LEC to promote increased branching, bud sites and quicker transition to generative production. 3K and 4K lamp options.

HELLION 630W Advanced DE-CMH
Unique to the industry with patented niobium coil coupler for unbeatable performance and stability. 3K and 4K lamp options available.


Delivering the True Promise of DE Lamp Technology

Greenhouse DE fixtures are good for one thing: greenhouses in winter! HELLION Close Proximity illumination kits are specifically designed for use in (sole light source) grow rooms. When grow lights are providing all the photons plants receive, proximity is essential if you want your plants to produce from top to bottom!

Adjustawings reflectors can get closer to your canopy than any other reflector, without causing localized heat issues or reducing footprint. Greenhouse-style, deep-dish DE lights need to be positioned several feet above the canopy. With HELLION DE illumination kits, the typical hanging distance is just 18” for 600/750W and 22-24” for 1000W! This closer position exponentially increases incident intensity at the canopy and massively boosts the penetration power, adding a whole new dimension to your harvest.

Reflector, Lamp, Super Spreader and Ballast—All Designed to Work as ONE

All components have been custom-made and engineered to work as one, optimized horticultural lighting system. No mixing and matching of generic equipment. HELLION illumination kits have been designed to work together—an electronic ballast has been engineered and optimized specifically for each lamp to unlock the highest performance, spectral quality and spectral integrity in its class.

Composite Premium Materials

The Defender reflector included with every HELLION illumination kit is coated in a highly durable titanium dioxide layer which creates a super even and accurate light and radiant heat distribution across footprint (giving superior results to PVD aluminum). 97% reflective PVD aluminum is used directly above the lamp and below (super spreader) for optimal reflectivity, more incident UV, and less heat build-up.

Cover more Space with Fewer Lights

Cover a massive 7’ x 5’ (2.1 X 1.5m) footprint with the HELLION 1000W DE-HPS, or 5’ x 4’ with the HELLION 600/750W DE-HPS or HELLION 630W DE-CMH.

Boutique and commercial growers love HELLION fixtures because they can light up large spaces with a much lower investment cost—up to 75% less than some LED fixtures.

Ideal for Light-Loving, Heat Sensitive Plants

Growing plants indoors that have evolved to exploit super intense, penetrating sunlight with only a moderate tolerance for heat can be a challenge. HELLION illumination kits were designed specifically to excel at this task! While multi-array LED fixtures spread their output over thousands of tiny diodes, all the light produced from HELLION illumination kits comes from a single lamp source. This produces a light much higher in true radiant intensity, capable of fully stimulating light-loving plants—not just at the canopy but deep into the plant structure to second and third tier flower sites.

Break the Quality Ceiling with Deep Spectral Mixing

Craft and boutique growers listen up! Combine our HELLION DE-HPS fixtures with DE-CMH in your flowering room and watch your plants express themselves like never before! True spectral mixing is only achieved when you combine complementary light sources of comparable intensities.

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