CX Horticulture Supplements

CX Horticulture makes the industries most advanced PGR and Hormone free nutrients and additives available today! They employ a system called Fusion Nutrition, which is a recent breakthrough of scientific fertilizing research. Fusion Nutrition is the fusing of organic practices with synthetic fertilizers to create a nutritional growing system that combines the best of both approaches. This powerful combination lifts performance to a higher level than could ever be attained by using either pure organic nutrients or synthetic fertilizers alone. Check out their most popular product, Regenaroot, for the industries most advanced hormone free root stimulator, or if you’re having Pythium / Root Rot issues, you have to grab a liter of Wilt Guard. With high quality base nutrients and a unique line of performance driven additives, their focus is entirely on delivering bigger yields and better quality with less effort. CX Horticulture is a world leader in controlled environment crop production.

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