EnviroBoss Dehumidifiers

EnviroBoss Dehumidifiers provide total humidity control! EnviroBoss Dehumidifiers allow you to manage indoor grow environment humidity for higher yield, heathier plants and a lower risk of mold and mildew.

With Total Humidity Control (THC) technology you can easily keep humidity at optimal ranges throughout the growing and processing stages. Carefully controlling humidity can increase yields and reduce the risk of mold or powdery mildew that can reduce profits.

EnviroBoss dehumidifiers offer built-in humidistats and sensors, real-time inlet and outlet temperature displays, RH readings and more. It’s all the decision-making info you need to closely monitor conditions to increase crop yield, size and the overall health of your plants.

EnviroBoss iSeries smart dehumidifiers provide decision-driving information you need to optimize your environment’s humidity. For example, you can quickly get inlet and outlet temperature and RH readings (show visual example). And iSeries dehus have built-in humidistats. You can set the humidistat for a target RH – no other dehumidifier offers this kind of onboard intelligence!
Plus, the iSeries dehumidifiers are manufactured by Dri-Eaz, the leader in commercial drying equipment technology and solutions for over 38 years.

With EnviroBoss, you get all the quality, high performance, durability and user-friendly features that other industry professionals rely on.

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