AutoPot easy2propagate Basic Kit


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AutoPot easy2propagate Basic Kit

The AutoPot easy2Propagate Basic Kit is a simplified version of the easy2propagate complete kit.

Why Propagate with the AutoPot easy2propagate Kit?

  • Control your plants environment to accelerate rooting.
  • Water young plants and cuttings with confidence.
  • Increase strike rates with large volumes of young plants.
  • All easy2Propagate kits and lids fully boxed.
  • Ultra-strong lid easy to ship even as a single unit.

easy2propagate Basic Kit contains:

  • 1x Clear easy2Propagate Lid with 4 x Fitted Vents
  • 1x 47” x 21.5” Garden Tray
  • 2x Coco Matting 23” x 20” x 1.2”
  • 1x Root Control Sheet 46” x 20”


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