AutoPot Plant Skirt


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AutoPot Plant Skirt

AutoPot Plant Skirt is a light-tight, heat-reflective shield that protects nutrient solution and substrate when growing in large open trays. Paired with an easy2GO Kit, it provides a solution for growing even the largest of plants with AutoPot Watering Systems.

Large, open garden trays lack the protection to substrate and nutrient solution which is normally afforded by the snug-fitting pots, trays and lids found on our modules. This problem is resolved by the PlantSkirt.

Secured around the middle of the pot and around the outer rim of the tray, this innovative skirt helps maintain stable temperatures in your substrate and nutrient solution. The heat and light that would otherwise cause nutrient solution to evaporate is instead reflected back onto the plant to its greater benefit and invasion by algae or debris is averted.

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