AutoPot XXL Tray and Lid with 3/8″ Grommet


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AutoPot XXL Tray and Lid with 3/8″ Grommet

An XXL Tray and Lid as supplied with AutoPot XXL modules and systems.

The XXL Tray accepts a 13 gal fabric FlexiPot or a 9 gal fabric FlexiPot if used with the XXL Adaptive Collar (FlexiPots and Adaptive Collar available separately).

The Tray includes a 3/8″ top hat grommet and 1/4″ blanking grommet. The 3/8″ grommet is used in the Tray wall to allow for sealed supply pipe access. The 1/4″ blanking grommet is fitted into a machined hole in the Tray wall. When removed the blanking grommet allows growers to use XXL outdoors with the protection of an overflow.

The Tray requires an AQUAvalve, pipe, and fittings in order to function as part of an AutoPot Watering System (AQUAvalve, pipe, and fittings not included).

XXL Tray and Lid with 3/8″ Grommet includes:

1x XXL Tray
1x XXL Lid
1x 3/8″ Top Hat Grommet
1x 1/4″ Blanking Grommet