Bloom PK 300 ml


  • Bloom PK is the perfect blend of phosphorus and potassium!
  • Bloom PK is highly concentrated – Phosphate (P2O5: 19.5%) / Soluble Potash (K2O: 21%)!
  • Bloom PK is made from food grade materials and is 50% stronger than the leading brand on the market!

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Bloom PK 300 ml

You know it by the distinct Yellow Bottles. Agricultural Organics out of Australia has created one of the most popular boutique nutrient lines on the market today. Bloom Yellow Bottle Nutrients offers a complete line of nutrients and additives that will make any garden explode with high yields and happy plants. Bloom PK 300 ml is the perfect blend of phosphorus and potassium. Phosphorus is an important energy compound in plant metabolism resulting in larger flowers. Potassium is essential for the existence of plants and optimizing of photosynthetic activity. This product is made from food grade materials and is 50% stronger than the leading brand on the market.

Bloom Boosters are essential in taking your flowers to the next level in size, taste and quality!

PK boosters, often referred to as bloom boosters are an essential additive in every growers toolbox. In the bloom phase of your plants, they need larger amounts of potassium and phosphorus as they are essential in creating flowers and fruits. Bloom PK 300 ml helps your plants mature through bloom, causing them to swell up in size and get much stronger. Bloom PK 300 ml leads to an increase in the size and quality of your fruits and flowers!

  • Promotes flowering in the plant through phosphorus and potassium availability
  • Highly concentrated with potassium solubilised with phosphorus
  • Potassium and phosphorus are important elements that promote flowering
  • Only used in a ‘run to waste system’

With Bloom Yellow Bottles, you don’t need to reduce your fertilizer application when using the products. Bloom Yellow Bottles can be used in any growing medium, indoors or outdoors, with any growing method.

Bloom PK 300 ml Ingredients
Potassium and phosphorus

Bloom PK 300 ml Mix Rates
Run to waste 1ml per liter

Bloom PK 300 ml Packaged Product Makes
Run to Waste: 300ml = 300L / 1L = 1000L / 2.5L = 2500L


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