Bloom Silica 1 Liter 53.2% Potassium silicate


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Bloom Silica 1 Liter 53.2%

You know it by the distinct Yellow Bottles. Agricultural Organics out of Australia has created one of the most popular boutique nutrient lines on the market today. Bloom Yellow Bottle Nutrients offers a complete line of nutrients and additives that will make any garden explode with high yields and happy plants. Bloom Silica increases cell wall thickness, strengthens plant stems, increases plant resistance to insect attacks and reduces fungus from inhabiting. Contains 53.2% potassium silicate, which makes it 50% stronger than the best brand of silica on the market! This is the strongest silica on the market so if you want to get the most out of your money, Bloom Silica is the perfect product for you!

  • Highly concentrated potassium silicate 53.2% – the strongest available in the market worldwide
  • Potassium silicate is important for plant growth – creates thick cell walls giving the plant protection against insect and fungus attacks
  • Potassium silicate can not be translocated so continued application will give the best result
  • Foliar application can be applied to control fungus outbreaks
  • Highly alkaline and has an important handling method to receive the best result
  • Application can be by setting the pH value to 7 in a vessel of water before adding to nutrient solution
  • If using Bloom Silica for raising the pH of nutrient solution then only lower the pH to desired level to reach the target pH required

With Bloom Yellow Bottles, you don’t need to reduce your fertilizer application when using the products. Bloom Yellow Bottles can be used in any growing medium, indoors or outdoors, with any growing method.

Bloom Silica Ingredients
Potassium silicate

Bloom Silica Mix Rates
Recirculating: 0.17 ml/liter
Soil: 0.17 ml/liter
Run to Waste: 0.33 ml/liter

Bloom Silica Packaged Product Makes
Recirculating: 1L = 5882L
Soil: 1L = 5882L
Run to Waste: 1L = 3030L


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