Bluelab Connect Stick Wireless Data


  • The Bluelab Connect Stick receives wireless data from Bluelab Connect Monitors, logging the data to the cloud
  • ONE Connect Stick will receive data from multiple Bluelab Connect Devices
  • Insert in your USB port, download the free software and begin!


Bluelab Connect Stick

Get Connect with the Bluelab Connect Stick! The easy way to log all your gardens data and view your nutrient levels from anywhere in the world!

The Bluelab Connect Stick receives all the wireless data from your garden from Bluelab Monitors. After receiving the data, it is automatically logged into the cloud. You only need one Bluelab Connect Stick to receive any and all data from various Bluelab Connect Devices. The various Connect devices from Bluelab are the easiest way to remotely monitor your garden.

All you have to do is insert your Connect Stick into a USB port on your computer and download and install the FREE Connect Software! After the FREE software is installed, you can begin monitoring your crop performance wirelessly. You can then view readings from your PC or mobile device so you know if your crop requires attention. It’s that easy!

Add other Bluelab Connectable devices to your connect software at the click of a button.

2 year limited guarantee
(Proof of purchase is required)
Use the Bluelab Connect Stick with the Bluelab Guardian Monitor Connect!

Positioning Bluelab Connect Devices FAQ


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