Bluelab Growers Toolbox


Bluelab Growers Toolbox contains…

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Bluelab Growers Toolbox

The Bluelab Growers Toolbox is A handy pack with everything needed to control your environment and have a successful grow!

Easily manage your crop by measuring the pH, conductivity (ppm) and temperature of the nutrient solution. All of these handy tools are contained in the Bluelab Growers Toolbox!

With the Bluelab Grow Book, you’ll learn the basics of hydroponics to get started. Once you finish reviewing the Grow Book, you can utilize your pH Pen and ppm Pen. These essential tools are necessary to keep your garden on point. You can easily measure your nutrient uptake (pH), the amount of total nutrients available (ppm) and the temperature of your nutrient solution. By knowing all of these variables, you can create the perfect environment for your plants to thrive!

Care and Upkeep

It is very important to take good care of your pens! A pen will only work as long as you keep it properly maintained. The Bluelab Probe Care Kit makes maintenance easy to maximize the life and accuracy of the pens probes.

The Growers Toolbox gives you everything you need in one handy pack to save you time, money and give you the best plants possible!

Bluelab Growers Toolbox contains…


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