CenturionPro GCM – Gentle Cut Mini Bucker



CenturionPro GCM – Gentle Cut Mini Bucker

Expanding on CenturionPro’s vision to develop an industry-leading bucker for every harvest, the GC Mini Bucker is a powerful yet affordable solution to streamline small to medium harvests.

The GC Mini Bucker is inspired by the GC1 Bucker, the industry’s first and only bucking machine designed specifically for use on dry product. Great for use on wet product also, GC refers to “Gentle Cut” as we appreciate and understand how delicate flowers are.

A scaled down version of our GC1 Bucker, the GCM Bucker is as powerful as it is affordable. This de-budder cuts the flowers off the stem, rather than popping them off. This cutting action prevents the large crowns from breaking apart into smaller pieces, thereby keeping the complete structure fully intact preserving the look of your flower.

The GC Mini Bucker accepts stems up to 3/8″ in diameter and will process up to 20 pounds of fully hydrated flower per hour! Foregoing the GC1 Bucker’s blower and mighty 0.5hp motor for improved portability, the GC Mini Bucker instead benefits from a 0.25hp motor that can produce up to 3,000 cuts per minute.

Add-Ons – Parts Kit
This is an essential spare parts kit for the GCM Bucker Workstation containing the following:
• Parts Assembly Kit – 1
• Blade – 1
• Bag – 1
This kit is great to have on hand to keep your GC Mini Bucker operating at all times.

GCM Bucker = $3695

*Allow customer to select a quantity for these add-ons
GCM Parts Kit (+$310)

Input Voltage: NA: 120V, 60Hz Single Phase | EU, AUS: 240V, 50Hz Single Phase
Current Draw: NA: < 6A Operating | EU, AUS: < 3A Operating
Motor: 0.25 hp | 1750 RPM
Weight: 46 lbs
Dimensions: 15′′ L x 17′′ W x 19′′ H
Circuit Breaker Required: NA: 15A/120V | EU, AUS: 15A/220V
Blade Length: 9-5/8”
Feed Type: Dry/Wet
Feed Rate: Dry: +4 lbs/hr | Wet: +20 lbs/hr
Feed Entry Sizes: 3-Hole (3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8”)
Primary Materials: 304 Stainless Steel / Aluminum
Warranty: 2 years