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CX Horticulture Clone Start

CX Horticulture Clone Start is a clone accelerator, perfect to use for increasing strike rate of clones!

  • Dramatically increase your strike rate!
  • Just spray it on the leaves and Clone Start carries a full complement of nutrients that stimulate both plant and root development
  • The result is a lush green healthy clone with equally impressive root development

Your clones are the foundation of your crop. Too often, a crop doesn’t meet expectations because the clones didn’t get a good enough start in life. You may not have realized this and blamed other causes for lower yields such as pests and diseases; the nutrient’s no good; the lights are wearing out; the water has changed; maybe your meters are inaccurate etc, etc. How could you possibly have known that it was actually deprived clones that caused your low yields? Eliminate that possibility by using Clone Start from now on.

The fact is, when you cut a clone from the mother plant, you are taking away its ability to take up water and nutrients. However, this doesn’t stop the clone from continuing to use and lose water and nutrients. Both commodities can run out rather quickly and the clone wilts and dies. In order to prevent this long enough so the clone can strike roots, you put the clone in a humid environment to prevent water loss. You also add a rooting compound in order to speed up the process of striking roots. Both of these measures greatly help the process. Just try and take clones without doing these two things! Result? Zip. You will still find, though, that not all of your cuttings are as strong and vigorous as they could be even though you do everything right. Sometimes they just rot. At other times they just sit there and refuse to strike roots. The problem is usually one or both of two things. Either pathogens are attacking the clone or its energy has been used up and it hasn’t got enough energy left to properly form roots.

Now Clone Start gives you the opportunity to overcome these problems.

Firstly, Clone Start is packed full of nutrients and natural vitamins. As the newly cut clone has no roots it is not able to take up nutrients to carry out its normal processes. Clone Start ensures these nutrients are readily and fully available. Sprayed on the leaves, Clone Start contains a specialized carrier that penetrates the leaves and cuticles, carrying the full complement of nutrients directly to the plant’s cells. Secondly, Clone Start makes use of a brand new approach to diseases called Induced Resistance. This approach involves stimulating the plant’s own immune system so that it is more readily able to deal with pathogens. Naturally, the plant’s immune system is dormant when there are no diseases present. (You did choose only those clones showing no sign of disease didn’t you?) When diseases attack, the plant will start production of the antibody type substances which deal with the attackers. In the case of clones, however, they are suffering a tremendous amount of shock and are unable to produce enough of these chemicals. This is where Clone Start takes over.The clone is stimulated to produce these antibody chemicals and so protect itself.

By adding Clone Start to your cloning program, you will guarantee yourself even more success.


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