Dakine 420 Cal Mag


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Dakine 420 Cal Mag

Dakine 420 Cal Mag is perfect for coco growers! We know that Coco Coir is a very popular because of its high cation exchange capacity (CEC)–or ability to store and exchange nutes for weed. But if you don’t buffer that growing medium with calcium for strong cell walls and magnesium for chlorophyll production, we may turn yellow in protest. We can also tell you that too much sodium and potassium can cause overdosing, and that’s no bueno. So do us a favor and treat our Coco Coir (or whatever growing medium you use) with CalMag. It’s a delicious 12-2-12 product containing 6% Calcium and 3% Magnesium for consistently beneficial results.

With Dakine 420 Cal Mag your cannabis will reach a new high!

Dakine 420 Cal Mag provides your plants with everything they need in the final phase of the grow cycle to produce bumper crop-like yields, superior terpene profiles, and the highest possible THC levels.

  • 12-2-12 – Cal/Mag contains 6% Calcium and 3% Magnesium for consistently beneficial results.
  • 100% Water Soluble – CalMag is 100% water soluble. Crystal clear, won’t clog your lines, plug your tips, or leave residue in your reservoir.
  • Increases Yield – CalMag is proven to significantly increase THC levels, improve terpene profiles and boost yield.

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