easy2flow AutoPot Line Cleaner




Introducing Easy2Flow, an OMRI Certified bioenzyme-based microbial solution crafted with beneficial bacteria. This powerful formula swiftly tackles biofilm clogs while effectively breaking down mineral, scale, and organic compound obstructions, ensuring your reservoir stays clear of accumulations. Unlike harsh chemical treatments, Easy2Flow is organic and plant-friendly, suitable for use throughout the plant’s growth cycle. Remarkably, it typically restores irrigation lines and emitters to full functionality in just 8 hours.

What sets Bioenzymes apart?

Easy2Flow’s bioenzyme composition distinguishes it from enzyme or acid-based cleaners. Unlike enzyme-based products, where enzymes act alone, Easy2Flow’s active ingredients reside within living bacteria, enhancing effectiveness and versatility.

Bioenzymes operate optimally across a wide range of pH, temperature, and salt levels, thanks to their bacterial host’s protective environment. They actively seek out and digest biofilm accumulations, making them particularly adept at targeting stubborn clogs.

In contrast, conditions that limit bioenzyme activity, such as high pH or chlorinated water, render enzyme-based products ineffective.

Why choose Easy2Flow?

Traditional chemical treatments struggle to penetrate biofilm layers effectively, often only addressing surface issues. Easy2Flow’s enzymes, however, penetrate and digest all layers of biofilm, ensuring thorough restoration of irrigation systems.

Easy2Flow’s benefits extend beyond biofilm removal:

  • Cleanses mineral deposits and biofilm layers, restoring system capacity to 100%.
  • Simplifies system maintenance with its all-in-one treatment, compatible with various irrigation setups.
  • Rapidly clears hydroponic and nutrient water reservoir accumulations.
  • Proactively prevents recurring clogs, maintaining clear lines, emitters, reservoirs, and watering systems.
  • Supports plant and soil health without the need for system flushing, providing a natural, harmless solution.
  • Application is effortless and suits all irrigation systems, including drip lines, tape, and pipes.

How to Apply Easy2Flow:

  • Use with non-chlorinated water only: Chlorine can kill beneficial bacteria essential for Easy2Flow’s efficacy.
  • Utilize a recirculating pump: Stir water using a recirculating pump for 15 minutes every two hours to maximize effectiveness. Avoid constant operation to prevent temperature elevation in the reservoir.
  • Reservoir and line maintenance: Add Easy2Flow at a rate of 2 ml/Liter of water each time the reservoir is filled. For heavy biofilm clogs, increase the dosage to 4 ml/Liter.
  • Line maintenance: If reservoir maintenance isn’t needed, add Easy2Flow at 2 ml/Liter after the reservoir empties to 1/4 full.

Choose Easy2Flow for efficient, eco-friendly irrigation system maintenance.