Frost Bags 5 Gallon System (2 Bags)


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Frost Bags 5 Gallon System (2 Bags)

Frost Bags 5 Gallon extraction Bags are a healthy, unique way to make plant extracts! Frost Bag is a new Canadian Quebec based Company specializing in new and efficient ways to create concentrated plant extracts. Their flagship product is an dry ice bubble bag designed with high quality material that will support a temperature of -78°C (-109°F). Dry Ice extraction is one of the healthiest, quickest and easiest methods of making plant concentrates. Their extraction bags are one of the most efficient on the market.

Dry ice is solidified carbon dioxide (CO2 – the same things plants love) and is not classified as toxic or harmful in accordance with G. H. S. of Classification and Labeling of Chemical Standards. Dry ice extraction eliminates the use of water extraction, which is a major source of contaminants during the process of extracting essential oils. It’s a super cold substance that “evaporates” (sublimates) away into the air as it transforms from a solid to a gas. The fact that it’s super cold and converts directly to gas are the clear advantages in the extraction process. It will give you a far superior product in a fraction of the time!

Frost Bags dry ice extraction system contains a yellow sleeve that minimizes the escape of valuable plant trichomes into the air. This is crucial for your extraction process to get the best yields and the best final product. With this dry ice bubble bag, you can achieve desired results in just a few short minutes and a couple shakes!

Every Frost Bag 5 Gallon System includes:

  • Black Frostbag (220 microns)
  • Blue Frostbag (160 microns)
  • Yellow Sleeve for bucket
  • Microscope

Items needed:

  • Dry ice cubes
  • Bucket
  • Paint brush

We recommend using gloves and safety glasses when using Frost Bags and Dry Ice.


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