Gravity Flower Hardener 4L


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Humboldt County’s Own Gravity Flower Hardener (ORIGINAL)

Takes your flowers beyond anything achievable through fertilizer alone. Substantial weight gains are routine. Outrageous gains are not unusual. You can feel the difference. No more slow finishes. Forces flowers toward complete development. Just 1 or 2 treatments in late bloom. Works with all popular nutrients.

Humboldt County’s Own Gravity Flower Hardener is designed to increase the mass and weight while halting stretching. Gravity includes 0.75% kelp extract and 0.01% vitamin B1 and is compatible with most popular nutrient programs. Flowers become denser and tighter than ever before. Gravity is unlike any other flower-finishing product on the Market. Gravity fills out flower clusters and increases total flower mass without interfering with flower scent and color. Based on natural ingredients, Gravity is manufactured by the makers of Bushmaster (the popular plant height controller used at the beginning of flowering.)