Great White Granular 1 4 oz Mycorrhizae


  • Great White Granular 1 is a single-species organic mycorrhizal inoculant
  • OMRI and OIM certified
  • The Glomus intraradices strain is the best performing mycorrhizal strain

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Great White Granular 1 4 oz

Great White Granular 1 4 oz is the newest single-species organic mycorrhizal inoculant from Plant Success. Growers wanted a single strain so Plant Success created one to help people save money while still achieving high yields. The single strain used is Glomus intraradices (132 propagules per gram) which was chosen because of the high performance yield results that were documented from many different field trials.


Use Great White Granular 1 on vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs and trees.

When using for transplants, spread product at bottom of planting hole and around roots when back-filling.

Container Sizes:

  • 4″ Container: 1 tsp
  • 1 gallon container: 2 tbsp
  • 5 gallon container: 10 tbsp
  • 15 gallon container or larger: 1 cup

Handy Measurements:

*1 tsp = 5 g

**1 Tbsp = 15 g

Mixing with Soil

  • Mix 8 oz with 2.5 cu ft of soil or 150 g with 50 L of soil.

Adding to existing plants:

  • Make holes 2-3 in deep and 6 in apart around the canopy of the plant.
  • Use 1 tsp per hole for optimal performance.

Additional Growers Tips:

  • You want to ensure Great White Granular 1 makes contact with your plants’ root system.
  • You can use more than the recommended dosage rates, if needed.

Certifications: OMRI and OIM certified so it will make the perfect addition to your organic garden.

Plant Success, from its inception in 1999, has been a family-operated business dedicated to developing premier mycorrhizal inoculants, as well as educating the public about the benefits of using mycorrhizae. Their products enhance the growing environment with beneficial microorganisms.

Through years of research and testing, they have incorporated into their products the most effective mycorrhizae and bacteria strains on the market. These superior blends are designed for use by home gardeners, landscapers, farmers, and hydroponic growers. The perfect addition for any grow!


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