Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator


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Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator

The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator provides easy CO2 enrichment for indoor gardens and propagation. The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator is an effective alternative CO2 supplement system for your garden.

The Green Pad Jr CO2 Generator accelerates the natural rooting process for cuttings and seedlings so they can establish healthy roots and more nodes by feeding the leaves.

The Green Pad Jr gives you higher strike rates, less leaf yellowing, faster rooting by 2-3 days or more allowing you to move healthy rooted cuttings and seedlings to veg faster.

The Green Pad Jr is placed in the humidity dome and replaced every other day until you are fully rooted or when you remove the dome. Its that easy!

The Green Pad CO2 Generator absorbs surrounding humidity to generate extra CO2 apart from the CO2 your plants around produce through a natural process. Just 35%+ humidity is needed to begin the Green Pads CO2 reaction and release.

How long does the Green Pad Jr last?

Green Pads stay fresh for up to 1 year when you leave them in their original packaging. Very nice! Every grower should always have a Green Pads of all sizes laying around for their CO2 enrichment needs!


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