Grozone LP10: 30,000 BTU/HR CO2 Generator (Propane) 10 Burners



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Grozone LP10: 30,000 BTU/HR CO2 Generator (Propane) 10 Burners

The Grozone LP10 generator is a 30 000 BTU/hour propane burner activated via a 120Vac power cord. The electronic smart valve lights the gas nozzle only when necessary reducing waste of propane as regular standing pilot. The unique collapsible enclosure design enables space and shipping cost savings and is protected by a high temperature coating. The unit can either rest on the floor or be suspended to ceiling. The LP10 model will generate about 35 cubic feet of  pure CO2 every hour of operation. ETL Listed.

Included Modules and Accessories:

One LP10 burner

One Accessory kit including:

  • 10-ft hose and gas regulator assembly
  • Two “S” hooks
  • Two 3-ft chain sections
  • One replacement fuse (1A 250V Slow Blow) tied to the power cord

User Guide: LP5-LP10

Combustion Basic Concepts

Repair and Maintenance Guide

User Guide: SCO2 Controller

User Guide: CO2R Controller

User Guide: CO2D Controller


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