Grozone SCC1 Climate Controller



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Grozone SCC1 Climate Controller

The Grozone SCC1 Climate Controller is the easiest-to-use Climate Controller on the market. So EASY to operate even your most challenging customers will get it. Just connect your fan, your dehumidifier or humidifier, your CO2 generator, set the knobs, lock ‘em in and you’re ready to go. But don’t let its simple appearance fool you. This is one smart controller.

Here are just some of the smart features in the SCC1:

  • Empty CO2 Tank Detection
  • Automatic Competing Equipment Detection
  • High Temp and Low Temp Limits protection
  • Temp or CO2 priority settings for sealed or vented rooms
  • Two built-in LVC1 (Low Voltage Relays) to control high power A/C and/or Dehumidifier
  • Optional output boxes for heating (OB2) and VARIABLE fan speed control (OB2-V)

Included with Grozone SCC1:

  • One main controller box with one power cord.
  • Three lint filters to protect Co2 Sensor.
  • One user guide.
  • One screw kit.


1 year full no-hassle warranty!

Grozone SCC1 Quick User Guide

Grozone SCC1 Advanced User Guide

Notice about Sulfer Vaporization


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