Jack Puck Round 8 Ton Mould & Puck



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Jack Puck Round 8 Ton Mould & Puck

Jack Pucks are revolutionary presses created to transform plant extracts into a compact paste and to remove excess water. Equipped with a 2 ton or 8 ton load capacity hydraulic jack, Jack Pucks are light & compact, easy to carry presses.

The Jack Puck Round 8 Ton Mould & Puck is meant for use with the Jack Puck 8 Ton Press (The 8 Ton Round and Square Moulds are Interchangeable on 8 Ton Presses).

Jack Puck Press User Instructions
Jack Puck Press Purge Air Instructions

Jack Puck Press User Instructions:

  1. Fix the press to a table with the two ‘C’ clamps supplied.
  2. Put the extracts in the mould.
  3. Put on the cover and tighten it up with the wing nuts.
  4. Tighten the release valve with the handle (clockwise).
  5. Compress the extracts with an up-and-down movement of the handle.
  6. Loosen the release valve using the handle (counterclockwise).
  7. Remove the cover by removing the wing nuts first.
  8. Put back on the wing nuts without installing the cover.
  9. Tight the release valve with the handle (clockwise).
  10. Remove the compressed extracts from the mould using an up-and-down movement with the handle.
  11. Loosen the release valve using the handle (counterclockwise).
  12. Bring down the mould’s base using your fingers.


  1. Do not use the jack for any other uses than this press.
  2. Never use a long handle than the one supplied with the press.
  3. Never turn the release valve more than one full turn. Do not unscrew release valve completely.
  4. Never heat the mold, the moulds base or the cover over 200F.
  5. Use the press on hard, leveled and solid surfaces only.
  6. Keep oil at the correct level at all times.


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