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Mega Square Press 2 Ton Pollen Press and Rosin Prepper (TM)

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Product Description

  • Creates 3″ x 3″ cubes 3″ Thick
  • Machined from Aircraft Aluminum and Stainless Steel
  • Designed to be used in conjunction with a unique heating process
  • Operates with a 2 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder and 4,000 lbs of pressure

Mega Square Press 2 Ton Pollen Press and Rosin Prepper (TM)

The Mega Square Press 2 Ton Pollen Press is made in the USA and operates with a 2 Ton Hydraulic Cylinder and makes a 3″ x 3″ cube up to 3″ deep.

Why use a Rosin Prepper?

Mega Square Press Specs

The Mega Square Press 2 Ton Pollen Press is the highest quality personal press on the market! These high quality presses are made in the USA and built from Aircraft Aluminum and stainless steel designed to be used in conjunction with a unique heating process.

High Tech Pipes make quality presses that are manufactured in the USA using American materials and labor. Each Press is assembled and individually inspected before shipping. Their Presses are designed to be heated to the ideal temperature which is an important aspect of the Pressing process. They design and build their products to stand the test of time and to become a permanent piece of equipment for the end user. They use aircraft aluminum which maintains heat as opposed to other Presses on the market which use steel that either quickly loses heat or heats up too fast thus destroying the material that is being pressed. Using the finest USA made materials including aircraft aluminum and stainless steel, you can rest assured that your metals are free of toxins and every aspect of this press is proudly made in the United States.

As far as using High Tech Presses as a Rosin Prepper (TM), in the early stages of extracting Rosin from plant matter, processors would simply go from flower to rosin with the heat and extraction. This produced a less than optimal end product both in volume as well as flavor and potency. Over the last couple years, processors began using loose pollen to extract their rosin and found that it produced even better results, however, they noticed that when this pollen was first pressed into a solid form and THEN put through the rosin extraction, it produced the highest grade level end product both in quality and quantity. When the solidly pressed blocks of pollen are put into a rosin press, less heat is required to extract the rosin which gives you not only a more potent product but also a more flavorful one due to the fact that valuable turpines aren’t lost from overheating. HTP provides the highest quality presses in order to aid in this important previously missing step in refining the best quality Rosin.

High Tech Presses are fully machined presses built from aircraft aluminum. This is a precision piece of equipment that is also meant to be heated. When heated, the aircraft aluminum transfers and retains heat much more efficiently and effectively than steel which is what other brand name Presses are made out of. Utilizing machined aluminum instead of welded steel allows High Tech Presses to be constructed from one solid piece of material so there are no seams or gaps and everything fits together perfectly for the life of the Press.

The materials (aircraft aluminum vs welded steel) and the construction (machined aluminum vs welded steel) are what separates High Tech Presses from other Presses on the market.

High Tech Pipes has various Presses available featuring both round, rectangle and square molds:

The Mega Square Press and every other High Tech Press utilizes a unique heating process to create the perfect plant extracts. Each Press comes with full step by step instructions and a video is available as well.

Mega Square Operating Instructions

Additional Information

Weight 16 lbs
Dimensions 14 x 8 x 8 in


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