Nutri-Plus Clear – Root Rinsing Solution 4 L




Nutri Plus Clear – Root Rinsing Solution

Nutri-Plus Clear is a water treatment solution with complexing and chelating agents to reduce salt build up in equipment and growing medium.

  • Corrects toxic salt build up
  • Forces use of stored fertilizer inside plant cells
  • Ideal as a final rinse solution
  • Helps the ripening process
  • Improves taste and quality of dried herbs
  • Cleans irrigation equipment

Mix Rates
Use 30 ml /L to remove scaling and salt build up in drippers and irrigation equipment.

Soil: Mix 15 ml of Nutri-Plus Clear per liter of water, adjust pH, and hose down medium until significant leaching occurs (40% – 90%)
Use Nutri-Plus Clear one week before harvest or whenever symptoms of fertilizer overdose appear.

Hydroponics: Mix 5 ml of Nutri-Plus Clear per liter of water, adjust pH.

Final rinse: use this solution for the very last week before harvest.

Overdose correction: use this solution for a day or two, discard waste solution, then resume normal feeding schedule.

Nutri-Plus Pro Feed Chart


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