Nutrifield Elements Bloom (A + B) 5 L



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Nutrifield Elements Bloom (A + B) – 5 Liters

Nutrifield Elements Bloom & Grow is a premium 4-part nutrient system (2 parts grow & 2 parts bloom) specifically engineered for both major stages of plant development. Elements Grow induces rapid vegetative growth by promoting mitosis (cell division) and Nutrifield Elements Bloom ensures bountiful fruit and flower set, maturation, flavor, and hardening. Elements contain each of the key macro, secondary, and micro nutrients plants require and also contains beneficial amino acids, enzymes and natural plant stimulants to deliver faster growing plants with greater yield potential

Nutrifield Elements Grow & Bloom uses only the best raw materials put through extensive lab studies and trials by great scientific minds before approval and release to the marketplace. Elements Grow & Bloom enhances plant growth and results by ensuring that a balanced combination of nutrients is available in plant available form.

Elements Grow & Bloom was created through intensive research of plants. Our research encompasses all aspects of nutrient processing and plant reactions taking into account both internal and external environmental stimuli. Nutrifield Elements Grow & Bloom are the fruit of our intensive research.

Elements Bloom Usage Chart

Nutrifield Elements Bloom A MSDS Sheet

Nutrifield Elements Bloom B MSDS Sheet


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